Property Management


Deep cleaning services : We do a complete deep cleaning of the areas of a premises which will include cleaning of fans, light fittings, removal of cobweb,removal of stains on the walls and floors, cleaning of mirrors,windows,doors,etc soap washing of floors, rest room deep cleaning.


Electrical Assistance : Replacement of fused lights, faulty fan, non functioning of electrical points, power supply failure, water motor repair, geyser and major break down in the main board.


Plumbing Assistance : Flush not working, leakage in the sink and water line, sewage block, water tank and sump cleaning Assistance.


Carpentry Assistance : Door and cup board keys lost, doors not functioning properly, breakage of window glasses, damages of hinges in the wardrobes, modular kitchen etc.


Civil Work Assistance : Crack on ceiling and walls, damages on the floor.


Pesticide Assistance : Cockroach, rats, lizards, bed bugs, termite etc.